Drones and robotics

We are providing fully autonomous indoor flying drones for security purposes, as well as any other business needs. We are capable of deploying either an off-the-shelf solution or customized business specific solutions using autonomously flying indoor robots. Just contact us, let's discuss more.

Our Solution

Automated drones 24/7/365! Some people say this is futurism, but we are already bringing future services to today's world. We offer both a ready made solution and customized solutions. Our indoor solution can fly in all kinds of open spaces, warehouses, shopping malls, factories, airports, tunnels, stadiums etc.

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About Us

We are a high tech company from Finland. Arctic Robotics is a unique, fully scalable business that aims to revolutionize industrial usage of flying drones. Only the sky is the limit ... and that's just for now!

How to reach and follow us

Don't hesitate to contact us either via phone, email or social media!